About us

CULTO Interior Design is a family business, a shop that offers a selection of designer furniture, kitchens, lighting and decorative objects carefully chosen by its founders, Daniel Rotmensch and Irene Blanco Barrios. The result is a reflection of the experience that both have gained over two decades of working in the fields of architecture and interior design and art direction respectively. CULTO exhibits through its interconnected spaces, national and international brands of guaranteed prestige, with which they propose beyond the objects a welcoming atmosphere, close scale.

The team at CULTO is available to both private and professional customers, offering both services ranging from the choice of specific pieces of furniture or lighting to the implementation of comprehensive projects of interior design and decoration.


Located in Barcelona’s Sant Gervasi neighbourhood, at 85 c/ Laforja, within a space that captures the essence of its setting through its very walls. Formerly a traditional granja with the original exposed raw finishes the showroom recreates a contemporary home environment where comfort and design are combined in equal measure and where visitors are encouraged to explore its deceptive dimensions and spaces. Organised as a series of fluid rooms CULTO is a shop which rewards repeated visits in order to appreciate the subtle details and quality of its selected pieces.